services are
  by appointment

  Small pets
  are treated at
  The Pet Dr.
  but do not
  become patients
  of the hospital.

  Larger animals
  are treated by
  on location.

Animals are part of your family... when they hurt... you hurt.

Dr. Surtin has witnessed the wonderful changes that his service brings to his
human patients. Approximately three years ago, he experienced an unfortunate
experience with his pet. He saw the need for the healing art of chiropractic
with animals -large and small. We provide detection and treatment of spinal nerve and musculo skeletal problems which cause;
pain, limping, immobility, appetite loss, lethargy, and hiding.
Animals, like humans, can have headaches, jaw pain, mid and lower back pain, constipation, and problems with their limbs.

  Dogs, cats and other small animals are treated at The Pet Dr.,
located at 2301 Technology Drive, O'Fallon MO 63368.
For information call 636-561-9122.

Horses can be seen at their location by Dr. Surtin. For information call 314-401-7181.

 Special Note to veterinarians and animal owners considering animal chiropractic:
Animal chiropractic works primarily with referrals from verterinarians.
Patients referred to Dr. Surtin do not become patients of The Pet Dr..

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