Doctor Terry Surtin Chiropractor
A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, established Cave Springs Chiropractic in 1974.

Animal Chiropractic Services

Animals are part of your family...

when they hurt...

you hurt!


Dr. Surtin has witnessed the wonderful changes that his service brings to his human patients. Approximately three years ago, he experienced an unfortunate experience with his pet. He saw the need for the healing art of chiropractic with animals -large and small. We provide detection and treatment of spinal nerve and musculoskeletal problems which cause; pain, limping, immobility, appetite loss, lethargy, and hiding.

Animals, like humans, can have headaches, jaw pain, mid and lower back pain, constipation, and problems with their limbs.

Dogs, cats and other small animals are treated at The Pet Dr., located at; 2301 Technology Drive, O'Fallon MO 63368.
For information call 636-561-9122.

Horses can be seen at their location by Dr. Surtin. For information call 314-401-7181.

Special Note to veterinarians and animal owners considering animal chiropractic:

Animal chiropractic works primarily with referrals from verterinarians. 
Patients referred to Dr. Surtin do not become patients of The Pet Dr..


Testimonial from Mitch and Lisa Freeman, St. Charles County, Missouri

On Sunday, May 24, 2005, our 10 year-old gray girl, Trixie was out side playing with our 5 month-old puppy Okie.  As normal they were running back and forth rough housing when we heard a loud yelp.  We ran out to the backyard to find Trixie just standing there shaking.  She required help getting back into the house.  The more she walked the stiffer her legs became until she had to be carried to her bed.  Trixie has had the 'greyhound' back problems since before we adopted her. Her normal treatment was Rimadyl, ice and rest. We called our Vet's office and since it was Sunday we got a recording to call one of the animal emergency rooms in the St. Louis area.

We described what had happened and in the mean time how she was now not able to move her head and her legs were so stiff we  could not get them to bend at all.  The vet told us to bring her in and that she would have to be put down due to the severity of her injuries.  Needless to say, this was not the answer we were looking  for. I remembered while during a visit to my chiropractor, Dr. Terry Surtin, I had seen a business card saying he was a Board  Certified Animal Chiropractor.  With nothing to loose I called his  emergency number and he made a house call to examine Trixie.

Expecting that he would say that she would need to be put down, we were shocked to hear him say, "I think I can help her". We made a treatment plan that began with an adjustment on her back and neck to be followed by x-rays and further treatment in four days. Thursday afternoon I took Trixie to the Fischer Animal Hospital in St. Peters, MO.  I had to wrap her in a blanket and carry her from the van because her legs were still extremely stiff.  Trixie looked so bad as we entered the office almost everyone thought she had been hit by a car and once again said that she would need to be put down.

X-rays were taken and they showed she had two dislocations on the  left side of her hip and back (Greyhound Back).  In addition she had a  dislocation in her neck at the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae. Dr. Surtin adjusted Trixie's  neck and back while Dr. Fischer  prescribed Rimadyle.   Trixie had another treatment the following  Tuesday.  Once again she had to be carried to and from the van.  Although she still needed assistance getting up and down, by  Thursday Trixie was able to walk from the van to the office with a lot  of assistance.   Five days later, on Tuesday she walked in to he office  with a spring in her step, and for the first time since she was injured,  she was wagging her tail and once again had the lovable Greyhound smile going out to everyone.

Trixie is now on a biweekly adjustment schedule and improving daily. After less than a month's treatment Trixie is now is able to go for short walks and greets us at the door when we come home. There is no doubt the only reason we still have Trixie alive and returning to her old self is because of Dr. Surtin's commitment.  We highly recommend that any owners of these beautiful hounds with back problems call Dr. Surtin 636-441-5700 and discuss a treatment plan with him.  Or call us at 636-578-5381 to talk with us about how we got our Trixie back.