"Look to the
spine for the source of all disease"

- Hippocrates

The father of

The human body, a miracle by design, is a finely tuned being. Chiropractors believe that misalignment of the spine can be the source of several physical problems. Treatment of such misalagnment is done through spinal manipulation: heat or ice therapy, ultrasound, and massage. Correcting spinal alignment allows for nerves to fire electrical signals properly.  Pain, cramping, and other symptoms subside allowing the human bodies recuperative, self-healing capabilities to restore and maintain optimum bodily function without the use of drugs or surgery.

At Cave Springs Chiropractic in Saint Charles Missouri you will find a level of expertise  that instantly puts you at ease. Good listinging skills and compassion, combined with
32 years of experience allows for a successful chiropractic experience.[Read more...]


Our pets and animals are often a special part of your family, when they hurt, you hurt.
The same principles that apply to man, apply to animals. When their spine is out of alignment, it can interfere with the nerves' messages sent from the brain, causing malfunction, symptoms, and pain. Doctor Surtin's expertise in chiropractic care
and his  love of animals, combined with IVAC certification training allows him to
help you when  your pet is suffering. [Read more...]

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